What is a White Label Crypto Exchange?

Because the resources aren’t easily available to every business, many choose refrain from launching their crypto exchanges. Building an exchange software from scratch requires a lot of time, technical expertise, and effort. The next best option is to build your product on your own, but this takes time and the cost is on the high side. You can also work with us at Rejolut to do this, but it is okay to start with a white label solution and contact us for customization or design after using our white label product.

What is white-label in crypto

Above all, the best liquidity for your exchange is organic liquidity created by your clients’ orders in the order book. A brokerage business is resistant to most crises as it is a business that can be run with a fully-remote team and has been proven during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Our clients reported growth compared with the months pre-COVID-19 as people started using their services more during the lockdown period. Users can seamlessly build bridges to initiate swaps on the exchange platform by selecting the target and source chains, a destination address, the amount and the token. The completion of your project will depend on the required features and functionalities that will be integrated into your wallet.

White Label Cryptocurrency Software offers:

Each product included in the package is backed by years of development and the unique expertise of our team, which will also be at your disposal. We also provide blockchain analytical tools that support all the links in the payment chain and check them for compromising. Depending on your business needs, with our white label exchange software, you can be up and running in just two weeks. From Blockchain services and solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, to Digital Marketing services, we’ve got you covered.

Supports over 150 fiat and cryptocurrencies, which can be seamlessly converted into any fiat currency for instant purchases. The wallet also supports NFC, QR codes and biometric authorization to initiate the payments. Pick the regulation- To make sure your platform operates properly; regulation of the financial industry is crucial. The laws regarding cryptocurrencies, such as the taxation and business model, affect the business. It all varies from country to country; for instance, people of China can’t have the opportunity to trade Bitcoin.

What is white-label in crypto

Custom-branded client trading applications are set up for the sublicensee, including web, mobile and desktop platforms. We use the most advanced security solutions, and update the relevant components depending on the situation in the industry. Additionally, you will have to create your own backend and matching engine which can be costly and time-consuming.

Using a highly skilled team of developers and aggressive strategies, we guarantee high-quality work and deliver projects in the least amount of time. Available as browser extensions, mobile wallets and desktop wallets for easy integration with Web3 platforms and dApps. Hashcash developed the payment system, We used HC NET to make payments to vendors in China, India, and the Philippines.

Why Launch Your Crypto Exchange Platform?

White label crypto trading is a way to help beginners get into the cryptocurrency market and avoid potential pitfalls. Anyone can be successful in crypto by working with a reliable and experienced company. Let’s now look at the best white label exchange software available out there.

What is white-label in crypto

Your Coinsquare dashboard is packed with robust charts and sophisticated features, so you can review the entire digital currency market and trade wisely. We’ve combined our network and 40 years of cumulative electronic trading experience to successfully launch over 70 crypto exchanges across the world. Nasdaq’s trading solutions have been used across 70 global locations through 6 continents. Businesses implementing Nasdaq’s crypto exchange architecture can utilize multi-asset options in addition to functional coverage, high-performance matching engines, and more.

How to launch and run a gaming node?

Our team of technical specialists responds promptly to any client requests related both to onboarding and development of additional features. We are not a liquidity provider, but our white label solution allows you to connect any number of liquidity providers independently depending on your objectives. You’ll have prepared connection configurations to all major liquidity providers, as well as flexible tools to work with the quote flow and generate healthy market depth. At the same time, the functionality of the solution components and their operational load corresponds to the requirements of major market players like global exchanges, some of which are our customers, too. Businesses that have pre-tuned and repeatedly tested white label exchange software will be able to operate more effectively from day one.

  • The cryptocurrency market has sparked the interest of many traders, marketers, financial experts, and technologists, but it can also be an intimidating space.
  • Users select an exchange pair, such as fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat or crypto to crypto.
  • Therefore, make sure that you are relying on the right one as developing such a solution is an uphill task that requires extensive expertise and experience.
  • It is said that there is more reliability in these types of exchanges, as they are controlled and operated by a company.
  • White label cryptocurrency exchange offers a variety of turnkey cryptocurrency exchange solutions that combine innovation and quality.

Both the wallet apps are operated with the help of smart contracts over a blockchain network. These white label crypto wallet applications can be easily installed on mobile devices and readily available for crypto transactions. Decentralized exchanges offer some extra benefits of security and decentralization. Decentralized exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges that make trades on the blockchain by themselves. The huge difference between these kinds of exchanges and centralized or custodial exchanges is that you cannot exchange fiat for crypto. You must already be in the crypto ecosystem to use decentralized exchanges.

Instead, they reside on computer or portable disc, obviating the need for third-party services. White labels represent the perfect method to ensure that, given that the requirement isn’t absolutely unique and complex. Nevertheless, choosing, implementing, and maintaining white label solutions demand professional expertise.

What you get with DEX White Label

Provides platform users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets depending on customer needs. Nowadays, blockchain technology allows for tokenization of nearly everything we own, making it a digital asset. The items that were once non-liquid can now be traded between anyone and anywhere.

We are looking forward to more blockchain development work with them as they are the top player in this industry. The cost for a white label exchange varies upon the extent of customization. While lots of features are integrated into the stock version, there are options for additional personalization. The client requirements are figured out based on their business needs and the technical resources like software, tools, and technologies to be incorporated are discussed.

Rejolut Can Help You Build a White Label Exchange

White-label solutions by Verified Payments allows you to provide financial services to all customers that own digital assets. Crypto mobile wallets, in particular, are the most sought-after right now. Mobile wallets support popular cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, DeFi tokens and enable everyone to swap virtual currencies via Android and iOS apps. In fact, the advent of mobile wallets contributed to the effective and frictionless management of funds. Moreover, traders and holders can also receive real-time updates from charts and graphs, compare exchange rates and save the history of crypto buyers and sellers. Multiple Order TypesRobust trading platforms delivered by reputed technology providers can support multiple order types such as market order, stop order, limit order, and other advanced order types.

Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchange Platform

The biggest advantage of using a pre-designed cryptocurrency exchange platform is that you do not need to build the platform or anything from scratch since it already exists. A trading platform is an exchange software of cryptocurrency exchange where you can swap or convert one cryptocurrency to another. White label software is used to build these platforms, although they are customized and tweaked to prevent attacks on user funds. There is no way you can move your cryptocurrency without a trading platform or exchange. We can extend our definition of trading platforms to blockchain-based games and NFT trading platforms because they also allow you to transfer digital assets. White label crypto exchange solutions – are ready-made software that is designed, developed, tested and already available for deployment.

White Label EVM Wallet Salient Features

White label crypto exchange solutions also support REST and WebSocket API connections. The B2B broker who designs the white label crypto exchange software always uses years of experience in product development and innovation to improve the design and development of the white label exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange scripts are readymade crypto exchange platforms that let crypto startups and entrepreneurs launch a crypto exchange in just 10 days.

PayBito recently added 23 new crypto tokens in its latest exchange listing. 3 new DeFi products will debut during an IEO launch scheduled to be held within Q1, 2022. PayBito also features options for crypto collateralized lending, payment processing, exchange architecture for gaming, real and real estate. Over the years, HashCash’s products have been used across 5 continents, in regions including Dubai, Singapore, Australia, the USA, Europe, and more. The team consists of experts in the fields of banking, finance, and technology, and is consistent in its approach to excellence.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are developed by reliable companies so that businesses can rebrand their products. Since this is a white label solution, it implies some limits in the configuration possibilities, if a quick start is required. At the same time, we guarantee the ability to brand all visual components communicating with the end user. We are interested in seeing our solutions evolve, and if this can be done with your help, we will be happy to meet you halfway. For clients who need more, we have an option to customize crypto exchange software according to their needs. It provides full access to development resources to modify existing features or add entirely new ones.

Apart from optimum privacy and autonomy for end-users, the solution boasts of a short time-to-market of only fourteen days. Our platform is pre-integrated with a custody solution, that provides users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets. You can choose an appropriate for your business needs option after a discussion with our team.

The five names enlisted below aren’t arranged in any hierarchical order. According to ABI Research, crypto-friendly technology will overstep $10 billion in revenue by 2023. Get in touch with us to uncover endless possibilities for your business with our white label platform for digital assets. White-label crypto-friendly solution from Verified Payments is your one-stop gateway to the highly competitive and ever-changing digital assets market. With flexibility and adjustability as a top priority, our platform can be fine-tuned to address each business’s specific needs and requirements. The modular architecture of our Software Platform makes it suitable for multiple types of businesses.

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