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Teen Paan Rose


Gum Supari


Kiwi Blast

Blueberry Blast

Peachy Punch

Teen Paan Rajni

Vanilla Rasna

Orange Blast

Thanda Paan

Meetha Paan

Gulabi Paan


Lemon Blast

Watermelon Blast

Elachi Mint

Candy Crush

Double Apple Mint

Zafraan Paan

Grape Blast

Dark Rose

Kiwi Gum

Electric Mint



Sunset Bliss

Frozen Dream

Temptress Tease

Russian Romance

Passion Breeze

Foil Roll

Clay Chillums

Silicon Chillum Set

Chillum Red Box

Gold Black Box

BMS Rental Base

Magic Coals

Coconut Coals



Disposable Pipes

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